The following are projects David Trudell was involved with prior to starting TAC in December of 2004. These projects are located in Michigan and Wisconsin where he worked for various firms during the 20 years prior to establishing his own specification consulting business. Over time his responsibilities increased along with his experience working on this diverse listing of architectural projects.


Pao Yang Meat Processing Facility; Colfax, WI

Diesel Repair Garage; Stanley, WI

Dallas Chryst Development; Menomonie, WI

CESA 10 Office Renovation; Chippewa Falls, WI

Teledial Office Building; Grand Rapids, MI

Hudsonville Municipal Office Building; Hudsonville, MI

Bridgewater Place Office Building; Grand Rapids, MI

Stow and Davis Plant Addition; Grand Rapids, MI

Pine Rest Child and Adolescent Building; Grand Rapids, MI


Wausau Facility Inspection, Dept. of Facilities Development (DFD) Report; State of WISCONSIN

Dunn County Historical Study – Facade Improvements; Menomonie, WI

City of Menomonie; Menomonie, WI

Parks Maintenance Building

Salt Storage Shed

City Shops


Wakanda Park Aquatic Center


Marshfield Medical Office Building; Menomonie, WI

Goetzke Chiropractic Clinic; New Richmond, WI


Babies R Us – New Store; Mount Olive, NJ

Prototype Design Support, Toys R Us Geoffrey Store

Geoffrey – New Store; Jacksonville, NC

Geoffrey – Store Remodel; Fond du Lac, WI


Roberts Congregational Church Additions and Remodeling; Roberts, WI

SCHOOLS – Kindergarten thru 12th Grade

Menomonie High School; Menomonie, WI

Energy, Power, and Transportation Building

Phase I High School Remodeling

Phase II High School Remodeling

Independence School District; Independence, WI

Classroom and Stairway Renovation New K-12 School Building

Cameron School District; Cameron, WI

Elementary School Remodeling High School Kitchen Remodel

Durand K-12 School Greenhouse Addition; Durand, WI

Turtle Lake School Addition and Remodeling; Turtle Lake, WI

Colfax School District; Colfax, WI

New Bus Garage New Athletic Field Bleachers

Unity High School Gym Bleacher Replacement; Unity, WI

Owen-Withee School District; Owen, WI

Athletic Field and Bleacher Renovation

Parking Lot Renovation

New Tennis Court

Cornel High School Remodeling; Cornel, WI

West Ottawa Middle School Addition and Renovation; Holland, MI

Waukazoo Elementary School Addition and Renovation; Holland, MI

Ridgeview Elementary School; Sparta, MI

Covenant Christian High School Remodel; Grand Rapids, MI

Godfrey Lee School Remodel; Grand Rapids, MI

Kellogsville Elementary School Remodel; Grand Rapids, MI


State of Wisconsin, Dept. of Facilities Development (DFD); Universities of Wisconsin

Eau Claire Campus; Eau Claire, WI

Oak Ridge Dormitory Shower Renovation

Horan Hall Window Replacement

Stout Campus; Menomonie, WI

Administration Building Lower Level Remodeling

Applied Arts Building, Room 210 – Lecture Hall

Bowman Hall Bell Tower Monument

Harvey Hall Building Classroom Renovation

Campus Community Technology Upgrade

Renovation Vocational Rehabilitation Building

Renovation Home Economics Building

Infant – Toddler Lab Renovation

Johnson Fieldhouse Gym Flooring Replacement

River Falls Campus; River Falls, WI

South Hall Remodeling

Hathorn Hall Entry Remodel


Interurban Transportation Partnership (ITP) Bus Terminal; Grand Rapids, MI

LEED-NCv2 Certified


Karin Baird Porch Addition; Holland, MI

Derrick Construction; New Richmond, WI

Highview Estates, 10 Different Lots

Park View Elderly Apartments; Woodville, WI

Scott Zahnow Real Estate Development; St. Croix, WI

Maple Grove Condominium, 3 Different Lots

St. Croix Car Wash

Cascade Manor Apartment Building; Grand Rapids, MI